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MIPA Reference 30 w battery set up

Mipa Power Amplifier

After the many years we have been selling MIPA amplifiers, the need for a state of the art version of this amplifier has become obvious. Over the last five years, we also have started developing toroidal versions of our Silver Rock transformers (see Meteor AVC and Meteor MC step up). Using exotic magnetic materials, silver wire and new winding technologies lead us to new levels in transformer performance in audio. 

The MIPA Silver Rock Reference is built using even better power supply capacitors and extremely low tempco and low tolerance resistors. In order to further lower supply impedance, we deliver external batteries for the MIPA Reference, which allows for bigger size of the latter.

The 30 w version of the MIPA Reference comes with one additional cabinet containing two external batteries (total two cabinets).


  • Toroidal Silver Rock input transformer
  • Toroidal Silver Rock output transformer
  • Extremely low tempco and low tolerance resistors
  • Very low distortion power supply decoupling capacitors
  • Wired using Audio Consulting cotton/ cryo silver wire
  • Wooden cabinets for low electromagnetic distortion
  • Special high frequency shielding
  • Low impedance battery power supply
  • WBT silver Nextgen speaker binding posts
Lacquered black MDF chassis 56`600 CHF
Mipa Battery Power Supply