Meteor MIPA Amplifier

Meteor MIPA Amplifier

After many years that we have been selling MIPA amplifiers, the need for a state of the art version of this amplifier has become obvious. Over the last ten years, we also have started developing toroidal versions of our Silver Rock transformers (see Meteor AVC and Meteor MC step up). Using exotic magnetic materials, silver wire and new winding technologies lead us to new levels in transformer performance in audio.
Thermal distortion is a very important factor in audio electronics. It is the major factor that creates the difference between tube electronics and solid state electronics.
Semi conductors do produce thermal distortion whereas tubes do not.There were many research articles published by “Hephaistos” in the magazine “L’Audiophile” between 1977 and 1992 that clearly show that tubes do not exhibit thermal distortion.

We may add that according to our experience, even resistors (among may other evils) do produce thermal distortion as do wires.
In the Meteor Mipa we use new technologies that allow to totally avoid thermal distortion, while at the same time achieve well over 85% efficiency.
The Meteor Mipa is built using even better power supply capacitors and extremely low tempco and low tolerance resistors. In order to further lower supply impedance, we use external Lithium batteries, which allow for a gain in weight and voltage stability.

The  Meteor MIPA comes with one additional cabinets containing the external battery.
The Meteor type of cabinet into which we build the Meteor Mipa is round in all 3 dimensions. This is part of the strategy that avoids standing waves inside and outside the cabinet. This cabinet is CNC milled out of wood and carefully hand finished.


Lacquered black natural wooden chassis    64`400 CHF

Meteor MIPA Amplifier Meteor MIPA Amplifier
Meteor MIPA Amplifier Meteor MIPA Amplifier
Meteor MIPA Power Supply Meteor MIPA Power Supply