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Silver Rock Phono Preamplifier

 "Stereo Times most wanted components 2012 - Silver Rock phono preamplifier

Stereo TimesSilver Rock Phono

".... So far, with the Silver Rock in the system, it's been one of those "died and gone to heaven" type experiences. I can only imagine what the rest of his components would do. It's hard to believe folks that just starting out with battery-powered phono stage, could infuse this much magic into my own rig. Yes, and it's only the start! "  - Stereo Times  - ....more

Test LP 4/2010

"Serge Schmidlin has built a sensationally good phono preamp. This is a phono preamp with almost magical properties of sound. "

Article LP-Magazine 04/2010

Silver Rock Phono 

Silver wire MC step-up transformer and Silver Rock OPT in this inductive RIAA phono stage. One active solid state device is being used between two Silver Rock silver wire transformers. Some resitors and some more silver coils of very special quality and you get 70dB of gain. As simple as you can get.

Product Features:

  • Solid state circuit
  • Built in Silver Rock MC step-up transformer, read more about it here
  • RIAA equalization is achieved with resistors and silver wire inductors only
  • Silver Rock output transformer
  • No capacitors in signal way, not even in the RIAA equalization
  • Very exotic materials are used for magnetic shielding of inductive decices
  • Gain: 70 dB 
  • Lead/acid batteries as power supply
  • Paper-in-oil capacitors supply by-passes
  • Very low production of heat
  • Power consumption: idle 0.5 watt


Lacquered black MDF chassis 25`500 CHF
Maple-palisander veneered natural wood cabinet 28`500 CHF 


Features Silver Rock Phono  

Silver Rock Toroidal Phono Amplifier in an new chassisSilver_Phono_Toroidal.jpg

Silver Rock Toroidal Phono Amplifier in an new chassis

Silver Rock Phono

Silver Rock Phono