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Audio Consulting

Audio Consulting is a Swiss company producing very sophisticated audio equipment mostly for the music enthusiast, but also for professional applications. True research in acoustics, electronics and other fields of physics, lead to innovative solutions. Audio Consulting is specialised in transformer technology using high quality to very exotic magnetic materials together with copper and custom made silver wire. Optimised thermal treatments (Cryo) are extensively used during production of parts and equipment. Production takes place in Switzerland where highly specialised hand labour is available.

We would like to explain our philosophy :

Time may have come to give you further information about how products are being developed and manufactured at Audio Consulting. We choose to list a series of issues that we have accepted as guide lines over some three decades of R&D. This list may be completed in the future. If physical measurements are certainly important in what we do, the final word always comes to the ear.

1. First issue: the mains power supply

We consider the mains as inadequate a source of power for the audio equipment of the resolution that we are aiming for. Today, the loads that are connected to the mains are more and more of the non linear type, which dramatically lowers the power and energy transfer to audio circuits. This has a dramatic impact on sound. That is why we have invested time and money into battery power solutions, being very well aware of the fact, that many battery powered amplifiers do not necessarily sound good. It turned out that we had to engineer the preamplifiers, amplifiers and front ends to suit the battery’s technical specifications. This mainly led to solid state devices , while we did not refrain from fully battery driven tube equipment, although those may by too big in size, in weight and in budget for many. The latter have to be understood as research objects showing how far one can go with tube circuits, once they are freed from the mains problem.