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High End Show Munich 2014

Another demostration that proved to be worth the travel away from the MOC and NOT provide free shuttle service was the new Swiss-built Steinheim Reference loudspeaker. The venue was the hotel Kempinski located downtown Munich on Maximilianstrasse. The room also featured Audio Consulting of Switzerland's new Meteor Autoformer Passive preamp, Silverock phonostage and electronics from Nagra. All in all, it appeared the entire layout came out of Switzerland. I never really got the chance to sit and listen as I wanted due to time constraints and all the small talk surrounding the debut of these products. But I will admit, I'm a long time fan of Audio Consulting and think they've got my pick (alongside Audio Note) for what's sounds actually closest to pure and natural. And I do not think these guys were far from achieving that once again. My only wish was that I could have had a chance to sit in that sweet spot. Awesome!! - Clement Perry - .

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